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Rie Asai

浅井 りえ



Rie Asia is a Koto Artist, Composer, and Producer.
She had her first stage performance at the age of 3. She has been active in the entertainment industry as a child actor since childhood.
She has appeared in many media programs, including the TV program "Hogaku no Hitotoki" on NHK, "Gigei Seizui"  produced by Aichi Prefecture, Bayon TV in Cambodia, and a pictorial magazine for women "Fujin Gaho".

As a composer, she has recently released a hit. Rie Asai's "Annei no Inori" was internationally acclaimed as a prayer song and has been invited to perform around the world. She has also devoted her music to many places including, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a World Heritage site, Asakusa Shrine, Tsubaki Shrine, and more.

She has performed in 15 countries around the world, and St. Stephen's Cathedral, a World Heritage Site in Vienna, Austria. Most recently, she has dedicated her music to a peace conference in the Vatican City.

My mission

マイ ミッション

The Koto has a history of 1300 years in Japan. The sounds of the Koto is a symbol of harmony.
Cooperation, not conflict. Peace, not war. Love, not indifference. It is believed that the sounds of the Koto leads conflict to cooperation, war to peace, and indifference to love in our history.
While engaging in humanitarian assistance to poverty stricken areas of the world, I have come to realize the importance of purification of the souls and prayers. Certainly providing water and food is very important but more than that praying for eradicating poverty, praying for constructing peace, praying for tranquility of the people all over the world is necessary and we can do that. This is what I felt facing the difficulties of supporting dying children in poverty.
I believe my mission is to contribute to constructing peace with the Koto which may integrate differences, making up harmony, tranquility and peace.




一般チケット完売御礼「愛知SDGs 子ども&ユースフォーラム with ART」New!!



Artwork of Rie Asai

アートワーク オブ 浅井りえ



Koto artist Rie's video and photo gallery. Please take a look.


charity concert


The charity concert produced by Rie Asai was full of love, light and peace.

The charity concert produced by Rie Asai was full of love, light and peace. Artists got together from all over […]

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Rie Asai produced the charity concert for earthquake in Turkey and donated to Consulate-General of the Republic of Turkey in Nagoya.

Rie Asai produced the charity concert for earthquake in Turkey and donated to Consulate-General of the Republi […]

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[Released on February 10, 2024]
Now Currently being distributed on music distribution sites

Libertango for koto and piano with Yui Matsuda on the piano.


[Released on October 6, 2023]
Now accepting reservations at CD shops nationwide

Rie Asai, a koto artist who spins peace, plays the sound of "love" with Nagoya Virtuosen. The harmonies of the gems of Japan's proud artists transcend eternity and wave to the world. The first installment of the modern “Amano Iwato Opening”!

Once in a Blue Moon 青い月のよるにあなたに会いたくて―

A modern challenge to traditional classical music. The blue moon, it is a rare existence and rarely seen. *20% of the sales of this CD will be donated to the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Nagoya after the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria. Filiz Ozdürk, who participated in the artwork for this CD production, is a charcoal and watercolor artist from Turkey who has contributed to international support activities for many years together with Rie Asai. A charity CD that combines art and international support. Please look forward to the new challenges of Japanese traditional musicians.

『安寧の祈り』Pray for harmony, peace and tranquility

Dedicated to the World Heritage Site, St. Stephen's Cathedral, this is a masterpiece that brought tears to the eyes of many spectators! Artists from Japan and Austria gathered in Vienna, and a memorial concert held to pray for peace has been completed as a CD sound source. Kurt Schmidt, conductor of the Vienna Musik Seminar Chamber Orchestra, will play the tone of peace at the call of Rie Asai, who performs all over the world as an artist of the traditional Japanese instrument, the koto. From Japan, Koki Sato, a shakuhachi player who has made a major debut, and Reika Kaneko, who is a Shinto priest and a shakuhachi player, will also participate. Japan and Austria, Japanese and Western music, Japanese and Western musical instruments, a magnificent ensemble of prayers for human peace that transcends all barriers. I pray for the well-being of all people living on this earth. *Part of the sales of this CD will be donated to international peace activities.

【配信版】 安寧の祈り 第二章
Wishing Jewel in Vienna

【配信版】 安寧の祈り 第三章
Peacefull Waves -with Buddhist Monk Chanting-

Social Action Program


Develop social contribution activities in Cambodia!

From September 3rd to 11th, I am doing volunteer activities at Cambodian orphanages and rural villages, supporting self-reliance such as building wells, and playing the koto.

Sewing machine donation ceremony

A ceremony was held to donate sewing machines to support the education of Cambodian children. America also joined the project. A joint project between Japan, Cambodia and the United States has started.